Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Same-sex Marraige Bill

I firmly support Senate Bill 29 because if it's passed, the economy would rise and different ideals and lifestyles would change and adapt to be socially acceptable in soceity. Gay marraige and same-sex marraige expands the social norm and expands the ability to accept and adapt to thinks that are different. It would attampt to sustain peace and harmony within society and gove everyone the freedom to be themselves and indivisualize their personality.

Some negative things about my bill is that is goes against the Catholic religion. It ruins tradition and allows the weak people in socety to be accepted. Same-sex marraige is an abonination and goes against traditional social values this country was built upon.

Gay marraige is a free-right that is given and violates our nations right of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those who oppose gay marraige are narrow-minded and not accpeting of somthing that is different to them. The rights of these same-sex couples are being discriminated against and not living the fair and equal lifestyle they deserve just because of their sexual views that they did not choose.